Welcome to Oreo Ranch!

Breeding & Raising Belted Galloways


Pasture Pandas. Oreo Cows.  Belted Galloways.

Regardless of what you call them, they are a very attractive breed of cattle that produce very healthy and tasty beef. 

At Oreo Ranch we strive to raise Belted Galloways as grass-fed cattle in a healthy and safe environment. We made the move to Oreo Ranch in the summer of 2014 to raise our family in a smaller community where we could be a part of a wonderful community. Through this process, we decided that Oreo cows, or pasture pandas, were the right fit for us and our ranch.  Keep reading to learn more about our cows, our goals and plans for the future, and if you are in the Texoma area, we welcome visitors. 
The Belted Galloway is a very hearty breed that marbles well on grass feeding.  Our herd enjoys over 20 acres of pasture, shade trees and woods to roam. Almost daily, we go out and 

interact with the cattle...  They enjoy 





Healthy bull-calf born to 

Belle, Little Bit and Sweetie 

Pie join Oreo Ranch.